Specialized PP in 3D Printed Parts”JIZAI”Stop Warping and Improve Modeling Technology~Free to shape as you wish~


Comparing the Warping of JIZAI and Generic PP
Features of JIZAIMitigate Warping significantly
  • Reduce PP material Shrinkage
  • Improve Adhesion to Heating Bed
  • Stop Warping by Specialized PP
  • Clean Shape in Big Scale
  • Good Edge Shape in Big Scale
Features of JIZAIModeling in no time
  • No glue or adhesive sheet in small footprint around 10cm
  • No pre-drying required
  • Easy to adjust Modeling Condition
Comparison of JIZAI Sculpting Before and After Processing
Features of JIZAIPost-processing possible
  • Post-processing like cutting and scraping possible without crack
  • Coloring is possible after modeling
  • Chemical resistance equivalent to Generic PP



"At Joto Techno Co.,ltd, we offer samples of polypropylene 'JIZAI' for 3D printers.
Please feel free to contact us for inquiries."

5kg in pellet or 500g in fillament (1.75 Φ)
Sample: Pellet Image,Filament Image

Other Features

  • Same strength as general Impact PP Copolymer

Recommended Condition[Machine : Slab GEM800]

  • Extrude temperature : 160~180°C
  • Nozzle temperature : 140~170℃
  • Printing Speed : 2500mm/min
  • Heated Bed temperature : 60℃
*Depended on the machine

Comparison of Features Between JIZAI and Generic PP

CASE1-Warping:For JIZAI Less Warp,For Generic PP Large Warp. CASE2-Pre-drying:For JIZAI Unnecessary,For Generic PP Unnecessary. CASE3-Coloring:For JIZAI Possible,For Generic PP Impossible. CASE4-Chemical Resistance:For JIZAI 〇,For Generic PP 〇. CASE5-Insulation:For JIZAI 〇、For Generic PP 〇.